World exhibition EXPO Milano 2015

On 1 May, the world exhibition EXPO MILANO 2015 opened its doors. "Feeding the planet, energy for life”, is this year’s slogan. KALLE KRAUSE is also there, with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. On behalf of Facts and Fiction and in cooperation with gtp2 Architects, KALLE KRAUSE is responsible for the complete implementation of the exterior façade of the Kazakh pavilion.

The aim: To create the perfect three-dimensional business card for the ninth largest country in the world, in the form of a temporary structure. To impressively stand out from 140 countries with this pavilion. The first challenging task for KALLE KRAUSE was to translate the extraordinary architectural design produced by gtp2 from paper in a cost-effective and technically feasible way, and to make the façade with its huge dimensions structurally practicable. As part of the technical preparation here at the coking plant, KALLE KRAUSE served as a work bench for the designers from Facts and Fiction and gtp2.

The next steps: 170 steel façade elements, mirrored and in bulbous form, had to be technically pre-fabricated by Zollverein so that the team of architects could only create the perfect and unique overall view on-site in Milan. In Milan, each of the steel structures (13 m high, 3 m wide and 250 kg in weight, and resembling an enormous ladder), was tilted and twisted, and the temporary structure was shaped and constructed in close cooperation with the architects. The façade is covered with hundreds of mirror elements, which have been elaborately illuminated.

The aim: To create an inspiring, fascinating an inviting first glimpse of the Kazakh pavilion – this has definitely been achieved! Incidentally: Some figures, data and facts to whet your appetite to visit the EXPO: More than 140 countries exhibit on over 200 hectares. The individual country pavilions shine and “boast” on areas of up to 4,500 m², and are admired and experienced by an estimated total of more than 20 million visitors.