• 16th March 2015
  • Category: Trade fairs

KALLE KRAUSE and its new client LKAB Minerals

KALLE KRAUSE designs and produces trade fair stands for its new client LKAB Minerals, which is headquartered in Northern Sweden. In autumn in Vienna and in April in Nuremberg at the European Coatings Show, the global group presented alongside around 1,000 other exhibitors from the paint and varnish industry. The new, open and bright stand concept from KALLE KRAUSE offers the perfect foundation for product presentation.

LKAB Minerals processes minerals such as mica, magnetite and bauxite for international markets and with a focus on environment and sustainability. The products are used, inter alia, in the areas of fire protection, corrosion protection, radiation protection and fire resistance. We will update this story with some great trade fair photographs.