• 26th April 2016
  • Category: Stages

satis+fy and KALLE KRAUSE on stage for the band SANTIANO

SANTIANO is one of the most successful bands in German-speaking countries. The band’s success has seen them climb to the top of the Media Control Charts for the third time in a row with their new album which is made up of a mix of Irish folk music, German Schlager music, folk songs, shanties and sailor songs. The relatively short history behind SANTIANO is also dominated by three ECHO awards, sales achieving the Platinum award five times, countless major TV appearances and sold-out concert tours in the biggest arenas in Germany.

And when it comes to gigantic stage and scenery constructions, this is where satis+fy and KALLE KRAUSE really come into their own. As part of a close collaboration, the creative minds in the SANTIANO team helped transform the stage set design into a medieval Viking ship. Enormous smoke-breathing dragonheads were created using the designs developed by the stage designers at KALLE KRAUSE GmbH and were made in our own workshops from GRP with a wood-grain effect. Our company also created the sign with SANTIANO’s skull and crossbones symbol, the panelling for the Viking ship, railings, stairway constructions and much more.

It’s well worth taking a look at the concert trailer:


KALLE KRAUSE wishes SANTIANO every success when setting sail and full speed ahead with the rest of your concert tour!

Photos © Frank Dudek

Concert trailer © Semmel Concerts Entertainment GmbH