• 31th August 2015
  • Category: KALLE KRAUSE

A gain for the KALLE KRAUSE Project Department

KALLE KRAUSE welcomes Thorsten Kurzawe as the new Senior Project Manager of the Zollverein. The 35-year-old event manager was previously the director of an event and PR agency in Hamburg. His recent tasks include planning, organising and managing events such as the “Hamburger Sommerfest” (Hamburg Summer Festival), “Ahoi! Der Neujahrsempfang” (Ahoi New Year Reception), and the networking event “Deutschlands Spitzen”. In his first projects here at KALLE KRAUSE, Thorsten Kurzawe immediately demonstrated very strong communication and organisational skills.

Away from the office, this football fanatic from Hilden is a Borussia Dortmund supporter (much to the “horror” of the author!). In addition, as fate would have it, he came into the world on a Carnival Monday. To date, he has been an active member of the second-largest Cologne Carnival Association “StattGarde Colonia Ahoj e.V.” In our region, he will have to get used to hearing “Helau” (a carnival greeting), and a warm – albeit blue and white – “Glück Auf!” (good luck!).