KALLE KRAUSE makes every customer feel like a V.I.P.

In cooperation with ALLIGATOR FARBWERKEN from Enger in North Rhine-Westphalia, for whom KALLE KRAUSE constructed and implemented an exhibition stand, the “Paint – Finishings & Façades” 2013 in Cologne was a great success.

The two-storey exhibition stand, covering a total of 350 m², deliberately turned the traditional trade fair concept on its head. True to the motto “Every customer is a VIP”, the meeting rooms and the lounge in KALLE KRAUSE’s concept were moved from the top floor to the bottom floor. Thus, space was created for the main counter and the restaurant area on the top floor, which was therefore accessible to every customer.

Artful presentation was important for our client ALLIGATOR. Therefore, all surfaces of the stand were manufactured by KALLE KRAUSE, before being prepared by ALLIGATOR using in-house creative products such as Art Velluto and Art Nobile spatula technology. The exterior walls of the stand showed numerous reference projects by ALLIGATOR.