Gigantic sculptures

“Think New” – is the name of a big Volkswagen multimedia advertising campaign which clearly and dynamically presents drivers the benefits of innovative technologies. The central and strong visual moment of the print and TV ad: the coloured installations, so-called boosts, which represent the positive aspects of networking and digitalisation in automobiles. KALLE KRAUSE has now built these gigantic sculptures in cooperation with KMS BLACKSPACE from Munich and elaborately presented them for VW at the IAA Frankfurt.

The brief for KALLE KRAUSE was very diverse. Firstly, it had to be ensured, taking all safety and fire protection aspects into consideration, that these installations could be constructed in a short production time as suspended weights above people and vehicles. Hereby KALLE KRAUSE was able to use its extensive operational expertise from, for example, various Christmas decoration projects for shopping centres of ECE GmbH. A further challenge involved fulfilling all aesthetic standards of the work. The three boosts reflect a powerful lightness, dynamically diverging with a firm core. Special attention was given to the quality of the varnished surfaces of the individual cubes which is on a par with high quality car varnish.

For each of the three boosts, the KALLE KRAUSE team built a supporting steel framework in the workshops which simplified construction at the trade fair. The 1,000 cubes of each installation were then perfectly suspended by means of thin metal wires. All cubes were folded like “cardboard boxes” beforehand, correctly welded and varnished in various colours by the theatre painters at KALLE KRAUSE GmbH. In this way, the successful cooperation with KMS BLACKSPACE created three unique themed areas for VW at the IAA.